Google Web master tools or Search Console

Google Web master tools or Search Console

What is google web master tools ?

Google web master is a great platform for web site owners to get submit their site in to search engine.
It is a free and communication plotform for site owner ,with google search engine.
It is a website diagnosis tool it diagnose all the information and give the health report of your site , like Crawling Status,Indexing Status, and Site map errors .

Benefits of webmaster tools 

  • Webmaster not only submit your site in to search engine before going to submit it will find show the  errors on your site 
  • And also find the 404 pages,Crawling Mistakes,Manual penalties, Malware attacks and Back links related problems.
  • You can check  Manual action and Penalties if your site effected by Google Algorithms.
  • You can high-light your Title and Description of your site in Search engines with Rich Snippets.
  • All the issues can find in Message box and also get Quick fixing options!forum/webmasters

                       Google Webmaster tools or Search Console

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