Link Optimization

Link Optimization

Links are the ways to the pages or sites to get desired content,
Link optimization is the example of signboards ,It define what destination you can get if you go through this link.

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Link Optimization is one of the basic Optimization technique in On-page SEO process,this is also very important for audience and search engines to understand the link is about.

Your link should be more descriptive and it should be helpful to the visitors and search engine Crawlers to understand the link

Take example of Optimized and Un-Optimized links

Here if you need to provide link to the destination page, it contains Off-page techniques, then your link should contain the anchor text like
Like :         1)Off page Techniques
Not like :   2)
Here the first example the user and search engines can understand the link is about off page techniques
But in second case, it is more difficult to understand the link what is about.
and also remember when you optimize the links you should on focus keywords and phrases 
use universal colour for links ,naturally sky blue
Don't over optimise the anchor text by using scripts and un- natural and un -visible colours
Don't use to many exact anchor text and links to the same content it will come under link spammy.