Image Optimization

Large images will cause your page speed to slow down and page load speed plays a role search engines ranking.
And No visitor will be happy waiting a long time for an image to load, especially on mobile devices.


Search engines can’t “see” images but they can “read” your HTML, which means they will read/scan the image name
Bad Image Name Examples (Not helpful, Generic, and Confusing):
·         Photo.jpg
·         Logo.gif
·         Img_23.png
·         Ebookcover.jpg

provide Good Image name
Examples (Helpful, Descriptive, and Clear): Note how these examples include keywords in the image name as appropriate (no stuffing).
·         Jennifer-bourn.jpg
·         Bourn-creative-logo.gif
·         Sun-dried-tomato-polenta.png
·         How-to-get-clients-ebook.jpg

Provide alternate text for images

Alternate Text or Alt Text is text that appears in place of an image to supply information about it if the image doesn’t load , Alternate Text is important in website accessibility also.

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