Content Optimization

 Google has stated that 'content' is among its top three ranking factors

Create High-Quality Content And Content Is The Main In SEO Factor And Also Known As Content Is The King And Length Is The Strength You Should Write At Least 700 Words To Get Good Rank In Organic Results

Your Content Readability Score Should Be Good , Make Sure The Language Is Too Simple, And Don’t Stuff With Keywords.

Write Relevant Content With Real Facts Don’t Create With Unknown Content

Your Content Should Be Sharable And Use Social Sharing Buttons Nearby Your Content

Use Short Paragraphs, Callouts, Bold Text, Bullet Points, Numbered Lists, Quotes And So On To Make The Text Easy On The Eyes And Easy To Understand Quickly.

Use Headings And Sub-Headings And Paragraphs And Write Spelling And Grammatical Errors Free Content.


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