what is link biting ?

Link Baiting 

The process of Crafting content to produce links from others is called Link Baiting . with this you can get good amount of back links.
Here you can craft the content with good and bad in manner ,If you create good in manner you can attract the crowed viewers and inbound link providers also.
This process will help, your site rank boost in Google serp .

  • Create crafting with real and acceptable Content with  Info- graphics ,Videos and Images,
  • If you have you can use Testimonials and use full Widgets .
  • Involve Interviews , Quiz and Gaming Competitions .
  • If possible allow Guest post some one on our site and  you have real knowledge you can also Guest post on others site .
  • This process not only helps your site ranking and also build Authority and Faith on your site.

Other method including Breaking news , Shocking news ,Shocking comments , Controversy , related content with out real matter can cause damage the reputation of your brand and also get other legal issues.
If you have real matter you can create and craft it is most acceptable and you can get  huge inbound link from other sites.

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