What is Keyword and the Importance of Keyword in Adwords


Keyword is the word, the product which we intended to promote by Optimisation or Marketing.
In general the keywords are three types by its nature

By generating the revenue.

1) positive keywords
2) negative keywords

1) Positive Keywords :

Positive keywords are the keywords ,which generate the revenue to the advertisers or promoters
examples :

Digital marketing
Online marketing
Digital marketing agency

These key words generates revenue to the promoters by promoting their products .

2) Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are the words, which lose the promoters revenue or advertisers money instead of gaining .
example of negative key words

Free digital marketing course
Free online marketing course
Free digital marketing support agencies

These keywords will lose those particular ad providers.

How the Negative Keywords loose the advertisers money ?

  • In adwords the advertiser pay the money to advertise their products on the promoters platforms then the promoter promotes the advertiser products on their search results .
  • If the advertiser not submit negative keywords to the promotes,the promoters show the ads to negatively search audience also. 
  • If the negative viewers click on the ad then the amount will be automatically deduct from advertisers account based on his budget on the campaigns .
  • This will happen by lake of campaign knowledge or advertiser it self promote the products for brand awareness.

Negative keyword showing sponsored results on Google

By Length 

By length the Keywords are two types
Short tail Keywords
Long tail Keyword

1) Short tail key words

short tail keyword are the keywords which contain one ore two word
example :
Digital marketing
Online marketing
Digital marketing Course
Online marketing Course

2) Long tail keywords

Long tail keyword is the keyword which contain more than two words
Digital marketing course in Hyderabad
The best online marketing course in Hyderabad
The best digital marketing course providers list in Ameerpet

By Match

By match key words are 3types

Broad match Keywords
Phrase match Keywords
Exact match Keywords

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