What is Bidding in Adwords ?


Bidding is the process of willingness to buy some thing at specific price with in a specific time duration by competing with competitors.

bidding in adwords 

  • In adwords bidding is the willingness of advertisers to buy adspace on search engines .mainly the bidding will accor on keyword.
  • Based on keyword bidding the advertiser need to buy the adposition on search engine by competing with competitors on that particular keyword .
  • It is one of the most important factor to apper ad on top of the search engines.
  • The bidder who spend more money for bidding on specific keywords he will be the first position in search engines.

Importance of bidding

If you spend more money on bidding , you can get first position in search engines. then you can get more traffic to your site . that leads more leads and more revenue to your site.

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